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Serving All 5 Boroughs

We provide EARLY INTERVENTION services for children ages 0 – 3 years-old who may be at risk of having or have developmental delays. We service children with ASD using the method of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA). Our ABA teachers utilize the ABLSSR in order to collect data to ensure attainment of IFSP goals and objectives. Our team of providers work closely with the failure to thrive population and other globally delayed populations on site, community, and home. Bright Start PT AND PTA, PLLC also ensures that the embedded coaching method, which utilizes the engagement of families as active partners in the intervention process. Parents are given the opportunity to employ the therapeutic techniques through modeling and coaching during sessions.


We provide CENTER, HOME, and FACILITY BASED services. Our classrooms for the Infant toddler/preschool classrooms are equipped with manipulative’s and educational materials that enhance their cognitive, communication, social, and physical areas of development. All our providers are certified and trained to work with children with autism/developmental delays. We follow the goals of the IFSP in an integrative setting. Our sensory integration gym is utilized to work on the child’s ABA skills and motor areas of development. We are an ADA . We have licensed Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, COTA’S, PTA’s, Social Workers, Psychologists, SI’s, Speech & Language Pathologists, and Neuro- Developmental pediatricians.


We offer CORE and SUPPLEMENTAL EVALUATIONS and the following services: Core and Supplemental Evaluations • Initial Service Coordination • Ongoing Service Coordination • Speech Therapy • Special Instruction • Social Work Services • Physical Therapy • Occupational Therapy • Parent/Child Developmental Groups • Parent Training


Our mission is to cut across all barriers, cultures, and languages while striving to integrate children with special needs into their communities. Advocacy for children with special needs is at the core of who we are. We strive to help children reach the goals that parents want for them. We help children develop and utilize their natural abilities, maximize their full potential while providing services in their natural environment.
We believe that children learn through play. Our Vision is to be able to service every borough, every zip code, through best practices, compassion, research one child and family at a time.


Bright Start PT AND PTA, PLLC Early Intervention builds upon and provides support and resources to assist family members and caregivers to enhance children’s learning and development through everyday learning opportunities and interactions. We believe that the early intervention process, from initial contacts through transition, must be dynamic and individualized to reflect the child’s and family members’ preferences, learning styles and cultural beliefs. Moreover, interventions with young children and family members must be based on explicit principles, validated practices, best available research, and relevant laws and regulations.